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Hospital Indemnity

There’s an undeniable peace in knowing you’re covered. Facing a hospital stay, whether due to sudden injuries or unforeseen illnesses, can be daunting. Heartland’s Secure Advantage Flex Hospital Indemnity Insurance ensures you can concentrate on healing without the stress of financial strain, granting you the peace of mind.



Choose the coverage you need to cover all expenses!

Our Secure Advantage Flex Hospital Indemnity plan is tailored for individuals aged 18 to 85. This single, comprehensive plan offers lifelong renewability and encompasses benefits that alleviate the financial burdens of hospital stays. Enhance your coverage further with our optional riders to meet all your health-related needs.

Hospital Confinement

We'll provide the daily benefit you've chosen for any covered hospital stays resulting from an Injury or Sickness. This benefit will be given for each day of your hospitalization, up to the predetermined number of days you've opted for, within each care period.

Emergency Department

Our base plan includes a built-in lump sum payout for Emergency Room visits. This applies when you access services either in a hospital's emergency room or in an emergency care facility affiliated with a hospital, stemming from an injury or sickness.

Observation Unit

For every day you undergo services in a Hospital's Observation Unit, we'll ensure the allocation of the Observation Unit Indemnity Benefit. This commitment stands firm whenever such services are necessitated by a covered incident arising from a sickness or injury.

Pairing with Medicare Advantage

Our Secure Advantage Flex Hospital Indemnity plan is the ideal complement to your Medicare Advantage plan. While Medicare Advantage provides essential coverage for a variety of health services, our Hospital Indemnity plan steps in to fill potential gaps, ensuring you're shielded from unexpected hospital-related expenses.

Up to $600

maximum daily benefit


restoration period

Most Comprehensive

coverage on the market

Optional Riders

Lump Sum Cancer Benefit

We'll provide the cash benefit you've chosen upon your first diagnosis of cancer while under the policy's coverage. This ensures added financial support during challenging times. Having this safety net can offer invaluable peace of mind, allowing you to focus more on recovery and less on financial stresses.

Lump Sum Hospital Confinement

We'll pay the cash benefit of your choice should you undergo a hospital stay due to an accident or sickness, once for every care period. This advantage assists in counterbalancing out-of-pocket costs like copays, coinsurance, and deductibles.

Lump Sum Outpatient Surgery

Receive a cash benefit of your choosing should you undergo a surgical procedure executed by a Physician in an Ambulatory Surgical Center or the Outpatient Facility of a Hospital. This coverage ensures that even when facing surgical interventions, your financial concerns are minimized.

Skilled Nursing Facility

We'll disburse the daily cash benefit of your choice if you're admitted to a skilled nursing facility due to a covered sickness or injury from days 21 to 100. This provision ensures that during prolonged stays, you receive consistent financial support. This added coverage alleviates immediate medical expenses.


Upgrade your coverage with our Ambulance Service Rider. In the face of unexpected medical emergencies, swift transportation shouldn't be a financial burden. Benefit from up to $200 each time you use ambulance services, whether by air or water. Navigate emergencies with confidence and less financial stress.


Be proactive with your health by adding additional coverage. This covers expenses for your annual health screening tests. You can receive up to $100 each calendar year, encouraging regular check-ups and early detection of potential health issues.

Dental, Vision, and Hearing

Receive essential dental, vision, and hearing services and get reimbursed up to $1,500. Ensuring that your oral, optical, and auditory health needs are cared for without weighing heavily on your pocket.

Rider availability varies by state.


What are hospital indemnity/coverage plans?

Hospital indemnity plans are a type of supplemental insurance that pays a set cash benefit directly to the insured for specific hospital-related events, such as inpatient stays or surgeries. These benefits are predefined and are issued irrespective of the actual hospital costs, offering a buffer against out-of-pocket expenses not covered by primary health insurance, like deductibles and co-pays. These plans provide financial flexibility, allowing beneficiaries to use the cash for medical bills or other needs. Designed to complement, not replace, primary health coverage, they offer an added layer of financial protection without network restrictions, often at a more affordable premium.

Can Secure Advantage Flex help cover my out-of-pocket expenses?

Choosing Heartland's hospital indemnity plan provides a robust safety net, especially for those on ACA and Medicare Advantage plans. It's crafted to fill the gaps often left by these primary plans, covering out-of-pocket expenses like co-pays and deductibles. Whether you face an extended hospital stay or a specialized surgical procedure, Heartland ensures you're shielded from unexpected financial burdens. By selecting tailored cash benefit amounts, you gain financial predictability and security. In essence, Heartland's plan is more than just coverage; it's peace of mind and comprehensive health protection in one package.

Are hospital indemnity plans just for seniors?

No, our issue ages are currently 18-85 and can be paired with major medical and ACA. We also offer guarantee issue for anyone aged 64½ and 65½ meaning there is no underwriting for anyone in this age range.

How much does Secure Advantage Flex cost?

Depending on your needs and choice of coverage, our hospital indemnity plan can cost as low as $3 per month with most plans costing on average around $50 per month.

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