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Home Health Care

There’s no place like home. Recovering from a surgery, hospitalization, unexpected injury, or illness can last anywhere from several weeks to months. Heartland National Life’s Home Healthcare Insurance is designed to help you focus on recovery, from the comfort and convenience of your own home.



Choose the plan that works best for your needs!

Our Secure Choice Short-Term Home Healthcare plan provides three different options (Basic, Standard, & Complete) for people between the ages of 40 and 85. This plan can be renewed for life and includes benefits for Home Health Aides and Prescription Drugs. You also have the option to add additional coverage with our optional riders.

Nursing Care

Discover the peace of mind a short-term home health care plan brings. This plan provides financial support for both skilled and general nursing care right in the comfort of your home. Ensure your recovery process is supported without breaking the bank.

Rehabilitation Therapies

Embrace healing with our short-term home health care plan. Designed to cover various therapies, it ensures you receive the best therapeutic care in your own space. From physical to occupational therapies, we've got you supported on your road to recovery.

Prescription Drugs

Protect your health without the financial strain. Our short-term home health care plan offers a per prescription benefit, covering both generic and brand name medications essential for sickness or injury treatments, ensure timely healing.

Home Health Aide

Experience daily support at home with our tailored health care plan. For every day you need Home Health Aide Services, receive a dedicated benefit. Your well-being is our priority, with coverage up to an impressive 120 DAYS — the most in the industry!

Up to $600

maximum daily benefit


home health aide included


premiums on the market

Optional Riders

Hospital Confinement

Boost your coverage with our Hospital Confinement Benefit Rider. Receive up to $300 daily during hospital stays resulting from illness or injury. Opt for 3, 6, or 10-day protection. Plus, after 60 days without a hospital visit, your benefits are fully restored.


Upgrade your coverage with our Ambulance Service Rider. In the face of unexpected medical emergencies, swift transportation shouldn't be a financial burden. Benefit from up to $500 each time you use ambulance services, whether by air or water. Navigate emergencies with confidence and less financial stress.

Severe Accident & Accidental Death

Protect yourself with a lump sum payout for major injuries sustained from a covered event. If faced with multiple injuries, you'll receive the maximum benefit. Moreover, in the unfortunate event of a loss of life due to such injuries, a Death Benefit will be granted to your designated beneficiary—ensuring peace of mind.

Additional Home Health Aide

Enhance your coverage with extra days of tailored in-home care. Choose up to an additional 90 days on top of the initial 120-day Maximum Benefit Period. This extension ensures a more relaxed and supported recovery, with assistance for your daily tasks. Enjoy the comfort of your own home for longer.

Rider availability varies by state.


What is short-term home health care?

Short-term home health care provides medical and non-medical services to individuals at home for a specified, limited period, usually following a hospitalization, surgery, or acute illness.

What services are offered with Secure Choice Short-term Home Health Care?

Our plans cover skilled and general nursing care, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, enterostomal therapy, respiratory therapy, chemotherapy, medical social services, along with home health aide and prescription drug coverage included in the base plans.

Is short-term home health care just for seniors?

No, our issue ages are currently 40-85 for all plans.

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